Friday, February 22, 2013

Wierd day Oct 10, 2007 12:02PM PST

Well first of all over the weekend somehow the house laptop, master bedroom toilet and kitchen sink managed to go kablooey oeey rich and chewy. (God that was cutesy... I'll stop that). Also, my dad and I (or whichever one) just lost 10$ on a bunch of bad picks for my "office" (actually a restaurnt) pool. So that's why I haven't been on much lately. Then this morning a paper I had due was apparently supposed to be turned into That freaked me out cause I hadn't done it then in Film Class I think I'll get a zero on some in-class assignment (though I'm almost positive my teacher lost it... it was in-class how the hell would I miss that?) so I thought it would be a pretty crappy day. But then I got that paper uploaded and I'm good. Don't really care about the "in-class" thing. So... I just pulled a Dallas Cowboys I guess. Huh. In other good sports news Red Sox are #1 and Yankees won't make playoffs so apologizing in advance to Black_Widow_Spider: :BOOOOOFREAKINYAAAAAA! *Ahem* I did manage to see The Shining and Heartbreak Kid. Let's just say the Manowar scene in the latter is about a million times as frightening as the former.

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