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Run Lola Run... Ya Little Rennt Sep 29, 2007 9:46PM PST

So I have seen Run Lola Run and it was a fun movie, short but sweet. Framed story, three different "episodes". What happens between Lola and the dog= outcome of the storyline. Very funny movie, ocassionally touching. When I can't find things to blog about? Here's some I did for film class: Run Lola Run 1. Even though it is just a matter open for interpretation, which do you think is the real ending and/or which ending did you like the best? I think the last ending is the real ending. Mainly because it extends to so many more characters' story lines than the first two, suggesting perhaps not all of those storylines were as significant in those because they were fake. Of course, simply by virtue of being the last ending it would have to seem like the true one (cause it is the film's ending after all). 2. Do your best to explain the story between the security guard and Lola. He is the one in the ambulance at the end, and therefore we can assume that he was in there in each of the 3 possible timelines. Think of how he behaves in each of the 3 timelines (you may need to research this a little). I think the police officer may have been some form of baby sitter/father figure/mentor etc. to Lola as a child. 3. Why do you think the director never really explains how what happens to the first woman and the man on the bike in each episode takes place? Are there any explanations you thought of regarding these events? Silence of the Lambs 1. Many of you commented on your handouts that you really enjoyed this gruesome film. Why are films about serial killers, such as SEVEN, ZODIAC, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and KISS THE GIRLS, so popular? What is it about this genre that draws us in? While I wouldn't consider myself the target audience for "gruesome" films (mark my words: Hostel II will create serial killers simply because audiences realize everyone involved in the making of the film must be wiped off the face of the earth), what intrigues me about movies focused on serial killers is the look into the murderer's mind. The main rason I now want to watch Seven is that the scene showed in class went more in-depth on why the serial killer murders people. It creates an interesting, distorted view of good and evil through the killer's eyes that makes for intriguing drama. Then of course there's the blood and violence: always a winner that. 2. Excluding Hannibal Lector, what other serial killer characters stand out in your memory? Who was the actor that filled the role and what made them so memorable? As someone with little expeience regarding horror films outside of The Exorcist and secondhand knowledge of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Shining ("Here's Johnny", "Redrum" etc.), the best I can suggest is Marv from Sin City. Marv is most interesting because while his sense of good and evil is sometimes a bit distorted, it?????s not always in total contrast with a modern public mindset. For instance, though he murders his victims in a brutal fashion most would never dream of executing, he kills mainly the same type of people that would meet fate at the hand of an electric chair; he?????s not alone in his hatred for corrupt religious/political leaders and cannibals. I wouldn?????t go as far as to say he?????s working for the greater justice as at least one person suggested to me (his main drive is revenge, it just happens to be evil people he wishes it on; there is no proof in the film he would not seek to murder someone if they had only accidentally killed Goldie, his love interest) but he?????s disturbingly easy to sympathize with at times due to how hard it is to feel too sorry for his victims. This sympathy is increased due to Mickey Rourke?????s acting him with an almost fatherly sense of wanting to protect women, and a somber and self-degrading personal insight which makes you feel sorry for the character; sometimes so much so you may root for him as a hero. 3. Create a discussion question for THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS., one that will inspire wonderful posts. Do you think that if Lecter did not possess a desire for human flesh, he might be a normal or even congenial personality and why? Why do you believe he has a desire for human flesh to begin with? Is it because of a traumatic event as a child or mental disease and would you sympathize with his character if it was due to such circumstances? The Godfather Blog 1. This film is currently ranked #1 in the Is this really the greatest film ever made? I doubt I would agree with that. It is certainly one of the best films I have seen in my lifetime, but as far as never being surpassed by any form of movie previously made I find that a bit of a stretch. However, it could perhaps be the best crime drama film of all time. 2. How does this film compare to other gangster/mafia movies such as Goodfellas, Casino, The Freshman, etc.? I have only seen parts of Casino and Goodfellas, never the entire films. Per my lack of knowledge on the genre, the closest thing to a gangster film I recall seeing is The Departed. It has some of the organized crime elements of The Godfather, but is not set in nearly as lush environments which the Corleones live within. The Departed focuses on both undercover police and organized crime (good and bad guys) where The Godfather is set almost entirely in the lives of the criminals. Finally, The Departed has a more lively tone of an action film where The Godfather is more a quiet drama which happens to contain plenty of bloodshed. 3. Create a discussion question for The Godfather. one that will inspire wonderful posts. While viewing the film, were you in agreement with Roger Ebert's review that claimed the film made you sympathize with the characters? Apologies for length but for privacy purposes I wasn't giving the link. Interesting fact: this blog thing has a tracker for what areas of the world are looking at these blogs. For some reason New Zealanders are checking this out? Notes: the third Q&As are questions cause we're asked to make our own questions for classmates to comment on. Run Lola Run is so craptacularly written cause I read we had to give 5 sentence answers (I was struggling). Also, where I say Godfather may be the best crime drama? Goodfellas was better (I hadn't seen it when I wrote the blog). Not that Godfather wasn't great I just liked Goodfellas' characters more. Some content in The Godfather and Run Lola Run blogs have been edited for spoilers. Good news: I finally pumped money into Bodom, bought Chaos Ridden Years. God it's good. Now... when do they come back to Dallas?

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