Friday, February 22, 2013

Wow 09/03/06

Gayness: Gayness aplenty in "Popular Blogs" today thanks to some guy named N_lord n' his friends. The sad thing is one of those commenters was twenty. Kinda makes ya wanna slap the education system. Commercialization: Anyway, on the topic of next-gen systems, has anyone noticed the commercials for them have featured.... nothing? I mean sure, you can piece together a streetwide water balloon fight to Xbox Live internet play IF your already well aware of what's going on, but how many people saw that 360 commercial and just went "WTF does that have to do with anything.?" And now we see Sony's "This is Living" commercial, which unless your a Sony fanboy and drool at the idea of counting up in Spider-Man 3 font won't make you want to buy that black box. The idea behind these commercials is obvious however. "Get the gamers we already got, just give them a little nudge" say the companies. These commercials don't feature gameplay footage because they're just reminders: you know you want it, it's the new Playstation. So I'm thinking, maybe all Nintendo has to do now is actually advertise what it's selling. Mommy will know Jimmy can get ALL old school games for Nintendo and Sega Genesis/Turbografx and that it will have free online play, and that it'll have that remote control thingy so that when it comes time to buy a system for him this holiday season, Wii'll be cheapest AND she'll know what the hell it does. This might just be a theory, but I think if Nintendo is the only one advertising what it's actually selling, it may have an advantage in consumer trust. And yes I know 360 has games commercials that advertise just that but for the system itself Nintendo could give itself a slight advantage here. Music: Lately I haven't written any new riffs, maybe because of lack of interest. Usually I can take a song's tablature(guitar sheet music) and rearrange it so it has much the same feel I liked but is completely my own. But lately I've been running out of songs to look up. Megadeth- Promises is a cool song and I can play it, but any attempt at writing my own thing out of it is all for naught. Dragonforce has fast playing, but I don't get into their songs enough to really care to learn them(and probably couldn't anyway). So my request is to name some of the best songs you've heard recently, because I need SOMETHING to do while I'm sick lmao.

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