Friday, February 22, 2013

How do yoy spell "pnumonia"? 09/01/06

At least I'm pretty sure there's a "p" in there somewhere. Anyway I have a type of pnumonia my doctor says he's never seen before. There was also something about fluids and lungs I wasn't quite paying attention to. The good news is I'm going to be on here a lot more since "no school or work till September 8." The bad news is, I wouldn't mind going to work since my paychecks are already decreasing in size due to school and the fact my parents don't let me work after 9 pm. Watching a Chris Rock video right now called "Never Scared." It's funny, but not to the extent it could be because it is SERIOUSLY outdated(I literally almost forgot about the Janet Jackson Superbowl) but here's a qoute I really liked(and heard about 5 minutes ago): "Republicans, liberals, Democrats, Conservatives are all idiots because anyone who makes up their mind before they even hear the issue is a fuckin' moron."

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