Sunday, February 24, 2013

You know those Pepto Bismol commercials? Mar 31, 2010 11:23PM PST

With the song containing the symptoms? I had all those due to bad cheesecake Sunday, March 28 2010 2:00am, eat 2 last slices of birthday cheesecake that have been in fridge and say use by 3/28. 11:00am Diarrhea and fainting occurs. I actually hit my head on the sink counter next to my toilet after shitting yellow water and some blood 12:00pm Make decision to stay in bed most of the day 9:00pm - 12:00am Diarrhea continues while I'm on duty (shut up you pun bastards) Monday 29 2010 8:00am Attempt to wake up for 9am Human Sex and 10am RadioTV classes. Decide to rest instead Rest of Day: Diarrhea continues Tuesday 30 2010 2:00am Profuse vomiting in trash can in room and in my sink. 9:00pm Various fever, headache, muscle ache, chest pain, and diarrhea problem continue while at work Wednesday 31 2010 I can finally fart without sharting again. Happy birthday to me. Jesus fucking Christ. Fuck Wal Mart.

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