Friday, February 22, 2013

1up's Got Innovation(club), N64 vs PS3 06/26/06

What's up everybody? As you can see by my pathetic score, I'm new here. Anyway, I started a club for anyone who wants to share their ideas on how games SHOULD be made and what innovations they could bring to gaming regardless of the ridiculous factor. Check out 1up's Got Innovation(should be on my site) to join. The club does not yet have an avatar because all I can think of is either a DS or Wii, and I don't want people to think it's exclusively for Nintendo fans. Anyway.... back to serious blogging Amidst all the hype and Sony-bashing that has been going on since E3 there has been no comparison more uncanny than Nintendo during its N64 cycle and Sony right now. Arrogance? Check Format Wars everyone's comparing? Not really. See, when N64 decided to stick with cartridges they were sticking with the OLD format. Sony had the NEW. CD games hadn't sold well before, true but it's obvious why. I was about 6 or 7 when this stuff started appearing and I started buying(not subscribing until 14) EGM at age 11. Between the time I was 6 and the time when I was 11, smart advertising and commercialization had convinced me that Playstation was the new thing and until those copies of EGM I had no idea what the hell a 3d0 or Jaguar was.(Of course I had aked for an N64 for Christmas already due to an awesome commercial about the rumble feature and Starfox 64, both of which I got. My brother got a Playstation and we've been arguing Nintendo vs Sony since. This generation started our faboyisms which I've recently grown out of a little) However back then it was Sony who opted for the cheaper development costs and currently they're rumored to lose PS3 third-party support for the costly development of PS3 games. Then again Nintendo had cheapo development costs on Gamecube and its lacking third-party. My opinion on the deelopment costs: ultimately it's moreso which system performs the best with consumers than deelopment costs because with a wider audience those deelopment costs might be more likely to pay off. Will PS3 be the new N64? Once again Sony is opting for a newer format... but it's not as well known as CD or DVD were back then. However, just by being the most powerful system it will sell. Sony itself will be in major trouble once it abruptly stops selling stand-alone Blu-Ray players because consumers got wise to PS3=600, standalone=1000 and why it's such a rip-off. The Playstation itself however won't do that poorly in the mainstream Now about that N64: I've been playing Zelda and Starfox and Star Wars on it all day(I beat Starfox literally 3 times, but once I get the original on Virtual Console I'll probably beat it MAYBE once) in wait for the new Gamecube Zelda(not buying any systems till 2007, just new DS stuff for Christmas). And I realize now that I've been playing the same damn things for 10 years(or however long ago I played NES/SNES) but with prettier graphics. And that is the reason I WANT Wii to win. I'll buy a PS3 if Blu-Ray takes off(moreso to watch movies but I'd get MGS4) and if 360 has Assasin's Creed and other games that PS3 can only do slightly better I'll... have my friends rent those games or buy it if Blu-Ray DOESN't take off. But the only format I want is the NEW. The new way to play. peace, Joay

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