Friday, February 22, 2013

Le Superheros(mini-reviews of wat i've seen; predictions for new ones) 06/29/06

Mini-Reviews: Spider-Man: It was a great summer movie and I liked the Green Goblin's delicios evilness but like a comedy it was only good the first time or with friends who never saw it Daredevil: I actually really liked this for its dark settings and gritty characters. And I actually kind of felt for the love story. Of course Batman Begins would take the interesting darkness to unknown heights but it was good back then. X-Men: Also a great summer movie has always been the superhero series with most humor. Characters were actually interesting too. The Hulk: The last half-hour was some crazy kickasss special effects extravaganza. But the other what, 2 hours of the movie?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ X-Men 2: Improved greatly on the original both in how interesting and enjoyably humorous it was. Spider-Man 2: Overhyped to death. I still loved it but mostly for the special effects, the anti-hero aspect of Octavius critiques were raving about didn't hold my interest because it's been done plenty before. I still felt sorry for the guy though... Batman Begins: OH MY... GOD. Blew me the hell away. The only superhero movie that did that. The ONLY problem with this movie is Katie Holmes. X-Men 3: Had its moments but so anti-cimactic and hectic it was quite a letdown. Especially at the end where we were left with miles upon miles of boring pawns. No Gambit. Predictions: Spider-Man 3: I'll automatically say it's the best Spiderman if we see actual Venom but I'll be satisfied enough with Sandman and the suit. SuperMan Returns: It will probably beat Hulk and X3 by a significant margin but I'm still just not that interested in the guy. Batman(Also Returns?): I dought Jack Nicholson will play Joker again but Robin Williams and his amazing range would be an acceptable replacement to me. Who do YOU want to play Joker?

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