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Tell me all you know of Iraq Feb 27, 2007 10:17PM PST

and please try to use neutral sources. I think I'll keep this blog up for a while if I get worthwile comments, but it depends. First, responses and a Zelda update. incrediblebrendan~ What type of music does Coughing Soul perform? Sounds intriguing. And it sounds like your a 90s Alternative kinda guy, yes? crazycanadian~ Personally, even though I own Cube version, swinging controllers like swords just sounds awesome to me. Too bad I couldn't feel good about departing with $300 for a Wii/Zelda combo. And my Mad Catz controller is working better than my Nintendo one still. No spazzes today, surprisingly. I wonder why our 1st party controllers work worse? It's very odd. joppyboy~ For Disturbed, I liked The Sickness but in retrospect it's a bit dark and immature(though I still like that it's their heaviest album). I liked Draiman's rap in "Get Pschyco". Believe had some good songs like "Intoxication" and that album really showed off Draiman's vocal talents, but ultimately had less impact than The Sickness imo. I actually think their newest one is the best with its intelligent lyrics and combination of heaviness and Draiman's more melodic approach to vocals. Ten Thousand Fists for me is a combination of the best elements of the first two, plus solos. As for Metallica, I liked St. Anger unlike most(see my review a while back) and actually think Reload was their worst album as a whole despite good songs like "Fuel", "Memory Remains", "Unforgiven II" and "Fixxer". But of course they don't sound better than their old stuff. Who does? Looking forward to their next album since Rubin's become a very high-up-there celebrity with me for his work with SOAD and the Chilis. And jerks come and go :P Update~ 10 hours and a few mins in, I'm heading for something something province after completing the fire temple(2nd dungeon). I did manage to collect the 5 pieces of heart necessary for a full one, so now I have about 6 hearts. After I payed 200 rupees for a Hylian shield and went broke, I've decided to refill my wallett to 300 rupees before buying the 120 rupee bomb pack. Back to Iraq~ I do not accept the following: New York Times(D) (and ever since that guy got his report from the internet I haven't taken them seriously anyway), Rolling Stone(D), Limbaugh(R), O'Reily(R) Ok, just kidding I'll accept it if it doesn't sound entirely biased but tell me information and where you got it. I just had to do a blog for English III AP and realized I know far too little of the war in Iraq. Of course, if you just don't feel like that much damn work, just tell me how you feel about Iraq stay/pull out and NO ARGUMENTS IN THE COMMENTS THAT ASSASINATE OTHER PEOPLE'S CHARACTER. POLITELY DISAGREE OR GET DELETED. Here's what I said, so you understand how much I do know: English III AP Blog Answers I Gave 1. What is the extent of your knowledge of the current conflict in Iraq? I understand that war was initially declared in order to find and exterminate Weapons of Mass Destruction Saddaam Hussein was thought to have had. According to numerous news sources and documentaries, we have not found any significant traces of such weapons(though many network news sources have reported mustard gas canisters or poisonous material capable of making weapons located in Iraq, and some U.S. citizens believe the WMDs may have been transported to Syria). I know that we have captured and killed Sadaam Hussein and that President Bush is planning on sending more troops to Iraq. Our current allies are Australia, Denmark, Britain, and a few others. 2. Do you personally support the war in Iraq? I had initially supported the war in Iraq as, early in its inception, the media made it seem as though this were the fall of a cruel dictator(though we were going to Iraq to find WMDs, that Sadaam?????s reign would seemingly be exterminated in the process allowed me to support the war) . Many will recall the Iraqis dancing in the streets whilst hitting the statue of Sadaam earlier during the war, and indeed this footage made me honestly believe we were there to free the Iraqi people and that they wanted us there to do it. Of course I still believe eliminating a dictator is part of the reason for the war, but I believed then we had a plan for how to accomplish this without creating an overly unsavory situation in Iraq. Now, however, we see that Iraq is in turmoil in many respects and Bush does not seem to have reliable intelligence sources or a satisfying plan for restoring Iraq and relieving our troops of duty; such a situation has greatly changed my view of this war. Another reason I do not support the war in Iraq is because I do not currently support violent means other than for the purposes of protection, and do not believe Iraq posed a threat to the U.S. However, since we did indeed go to war, I believe that had we sent a greater number of troops initially, the war would be far more managable currently. Though I do not support the war I will need more information than I currently have to decide whether I believe the troops should pull out of Iraq. I have seen both news reports showing Iraqis having better resources and schools as a result of U.S. occupation and of course countless reports of the ongoing violence in Iraq. Should we be unable to further support Iraq I would advocate pulling out, however this decision could potentially leave Iraq in an even worse position as it would have no support from other countries. I do not feel confident in either of these decisions as I do not feel I know enough of the specifics on our helping or hurting of Iraq and foreign policy through either course. 3. What is your view of soldiers currently serving in Iraq? They are brave and simply doing what they believe honors their country. Though many would obviously much rather be at home, I admire their dedication. While not all of them believe in the war in Iraq, I believe all of them simply wish to help the Iraq situation any way they can. It was not their decision to begin the war in Iraq, they simply wish to serve their country. Of course, as I said before I do not currently support violent means, but that is not why I support our soldiers. Their unselfish willingness to die for what they believe may benefit others is extremely admirable, especially considering the sacrifices they make such as not being able to see their families for long periods of time. 4. Was the U.S. correct in its invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussein? While I am quite glad Sadaam has been removed from power, the invasion of Iraq should have been much more carefully planned for the long term. President Bush does not seem to have analyzed possible outcomes of the war or made clear and satisfying decisions as to how to cope with its hardships. While no perfect situation can be expected during wartime, the grotesque amounts of money being spent and apparent lack of planning are unnacceptable. I do not believe the U.S. was justified in invading Iraq with such poor planning and its basis on faulty intelligence. 5. What future do you see for Iraq? I believe Iraq could become a stable democracy over time, but certainly not before the next five to ten years. There do seem to be enough Iraqi citizens who would support the idea of democracy to keep it alive in the Iraqi government. Of course, the near future of the next three years or so will certainly be a hard time for Iraq regardless. Much of Iraq needs to be rebuilt and restored, and it will certainly be a while before the violence ceases to pervade Iraq. However, I believe democracy and stability in Iraq is not an impossible eventual goal.

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