Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog a day blog Jan 14, 2010 8:04PM PST

Luckily, we ended up doing a session of breaking wood with our hands for last night's training excercise, rather than the "let's share our emotions" thing from last time... My room REALLY feels like a hotel, it's pretty damn weird. Anyway, gotten pretty far in Super Mario Bros 3 online or at least further and same for the original (got to world 4-2 but that stupid sky guy in 4-1 always gets me). Interestingly enough, one of the CAs here wants to design videogames. 'Bout all for today. Lemme know something you want covered other than my job, cause I like talking about it only about as much as you like hearing about it. Also, one of my youtube subs is/was doing something with for building New Orleans houses. Every $10 gets I think a book, I was half dazed (yesterday's training started at 740am and went until I'd say 1030, 11pm, but hey there was pizza so it's all good). It might have been time sensitive too but still a good cause so check it out if you want. Peace.

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