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Damn, my neck hurts Jan 27, 2008 8:07PM PST

So just out of spite for the many of you that hate heavy metal music, here's a concert review with more about my personal experience than the actual bands.

Devourment (filled in for Decrepit Birth)~ We (friends + I) saw Dave Mustaine! Well, his look alike... would've liked a picture of that, oh well. I'll ask Mike for some concert pics later I don't do cameras. (The "censorship" is more for the fact I operate in the clear in the living rooom)

Anyway, we never actually saw this band but we're pretty sure they sucked. Instead a huge limo parked next to the very long Will Call line (apparently exact change would've helped that problem) and the crowd loudly proclaimed "We want Paramore!" then a mother and child got out and Mike said "I wanted *&^5(in Hanson!" Also, a bum walked around saying "y'all clap for my limo!" On our way inside we noted the lead singer's love of calling the crowd "mfers" a bit too constantly and the fact one song sounded a lot like "cookie, cookie, cookie".

Hate Eternal~ Odd that the opener I was actually a good distance from the stage for was the one who's voice I could actually hear. They actually surprised me with a few nice hard driving beats and very moshworthy music. Speaking of which, my 4 foot whatever friend John kind of asked for that chest pain imo. They were the first band to really get the crowd into it.... to be fair probably the first most of the crowd was in there for.

3 Inches of Blood~ The bearded lead singer from Vancouver was saying something about wedges in his vocal mic. Then he asked for more volume. I would have also liked more volume, because what I could hear 3 feet away from the guy (aren't small venues great?) he was almost perfectly reproducing his studio sound. On the bright side they were still mind blowing to me, the riffs were still great as I was usually closest to the lead guitarist and the built rythym guitarist performed the incapacitated vocalist's part very nicely. It was the drummer's birthday so we all said "Happy Birthday Ass!" I was just out of stage diving reach. Damn. At least I got very into it and was no where near as stiff as previous times I've been to concerts. By the way, a lot of guys you'd think were bigger than you are surprisingly easy to shove. My neck is still sore from the headbanging.

Deadly Sinners

The vid for "Goatrider's Horde" showed more what they looked like when we saw them, Knights of Valhalla biker's jacket on the lead singer, but this gives more of a sense of their live shows as well as being their standard which fans get pissed if they don't play.

That said it's actually a toned down version of what that show felt like.... seriously. Everyone there was intensely into it.

Mike got pics!

This is cool, sort of makes Shane look like a god.


A closer look at Shane


Yeah... we were pretty close


More of the singer

Black Dahlia Murder~ Put on a great set but 1) not really into their brand of music (i.e. death metal) and 2) it would've been cooler to feel the breeze from the rig (which a few moshpits had made me think was a bit too unstable for my liking) I was less than a foot away from and the bass shaking my body if I wasn't trapped in the same corner until the last few songs. Also, where during 3IOB I had to put up with a couple making out in front of me for less time than it would actually irritate me a girl I was squeezed behind was... well she gave me a knowing smile and retracted it it right away when I'm guessing you could read on my face "I hate being trapped here, and this is way more uncomfortable than it is sexy". Once one of the moshpits opened a clearing and I got at least some breathing room it was pretty cool but the songs still sounded a bit too similar for my taste.


Unfortunately for Mike, he realized Trevor was a bit smelly that night. I stopped envying his position when I heard that.

Black Dahlia guitarist

Funeral Thirst
This was the Detroit outfit's closer which is one of their songs I actually liked. "Death Mask Eternal" was the most requested in whatever online thing they had going on.

On the drive home Mike recorded us singing "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World and I might just take his advice and put it on my myspace. Personally I thought "Bohemian Rhapsody" was more fun even if Ryan headbanging while driving on the highway freaked me out a bit.

Overall: I hated going to work from 2-9 today but it was still worth the neck pain.

My positions relative to the stage:

Devourment ~ outside/ way back at the merch booth

Hate Eternal ~ Near the middle of the venue behind a small circling pit

3 Inches of Blood ~ About center right and very close to the stage

Black Dahlia Murder ~ Far right of and easily able to touch the stage

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