Friday, February 22, 2013

Useless News Feb 04, 2008 1:34PM PST

Awaiting Super Tuesday


Pros: Eloquent speaker (no Queen Latifah, I'm not surprised), first black President, never voted in favor of Iraq war

Cons: High chance of being shot at inagural speech in the name of "progress" for the Aryan race, name sounds like Osama

Cons for idiots: OMG. He smokes!


Pros: Bill

Cons: Hilary

Cons for idiots: Just like with "that's what she said" jokes, hearing "it's war month" every 3 weeks will likely cause me to want to punch someone.


Pros: Libertarian views! Oh God yes! Down with the IRS!

Cons: Has the young voters.... yeeeaaah.... P Diddy

Cons for idiots:

Idiots no likey


Pros: open about his religion

Cons: open about his religion

Cons for idiots: I honestly know nothing about this Morman.


Pros: I like the vet's charisma

Cons: I have no idea how the hell that translates to Presidential success

Cons for idiots: Conservative values are the only values. Shoot to kill boys!

.... Shit, I hope that was a giant turkey.

Edit: Please note that until March 23rd genresrforposers is unable to have his vote wasted by the Electoral College on whatever Conservative candidate is chosen by the state of Texas.

Fret not for his lack of knowledge

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