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Oi Vey Apr 10, 2008 9:18PM PST

is all I have to say for today. I feel like I've been replaced by someone else in the most important friendship I had going (though thinking more about it it is sorta mutual and in many ways healthy almost.... almost), the VW's window won't go up, and the FAFSA application is monotonous (and dammit the 12a - 12d section on my 1040EZ/W2 is not filled out so I can't answer certain questions regardless).

I actually feel indifferent now and my mood does change seemingly randomly but I will gladly trade minds w/ an ignorant person too dumb for any of this (also appreciated is a hot body and wealthy parents, basically anything handed to you I have to be a real adult and work for. Much obliged.)

It's funny how whenever we have a school outing like today (went to Incredible Pizza, think Chuck E. Cheese style buffet and games but with crap that apparently appealed to a business party there too) I tend to feel crappy mainly because it was a "fun day" I feel I wasted.

Pizza tasted good though.

Current youtube happenings:

(I tried to get the official news report without any remotely biased commentary, but at this point it's almost impossible, the following is my remotely biased viewpoints; apologies for swearing):

On them being tried as adults: oh hell yes. Kids 12 and on know exactly what the hell they're doing, and the example needs to be made.

On what this says about society: Sad thing I have to tell you is, as an 18 year old student in even such a controlled environment as a Catholic school, I have absolutely no doubt there is much worse going on and the cunts doing it think it's funny. However, this is not all youth and while fame/fortune play a role in everything throughout a teen's life (and has in some form since the dawn of time) that's not the issue here. These kids are just mentally sick in a way their friends accept.

Makes me angry just to watch and every time I see that girl get hit my adrenaline rises and I want to hit the kids doing this all that much harder. But I won't and life imprisonment FTW! Such an absolute bitch move

Something a little more funny (albeit creepy)

Oprah has finally stopped pretending to be humble and decided to found a new church.

My problem with this church: It's not really much of a new concept based on my understanding. "There's more than one path to the end" has been something rational ppl have been trying to relay to religiously zealous idiots for years, and would essentially stop all wars based on "my God's the right one". So it's not the message I have a problem with so much as the ego: there really is no need for a church of Oprah.

My problem with people "praying for her soul": The argument "Jesus is the ONLY way" coming from ppl who likely qualify every un-Christian thing they do with "Oooh lord forgive me *bitch slap" and essentially only call themselves this because they know it's the most socially acceptable religion and everyone still believes that Fiddy is so damn covered in Jesus' love, despite talking about killing ppl for money.

The One reason I don't tell these people my Agnostic beliefs: I fully trust myself without any viable form of physical God because my beliefs are founded in respect for other humans, and not fear of a lava pit.

It scares the living shit out of me what these idiots would start doing if they no longer feared the magical lava pit, because I honestly think for some of them that is their only source of control.

Aaaand that got way off topic, sorry, I do respect Christian beliefs.... when they're followed. Have a nice day :)

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