Sunday, February 24, 2013

Employee of the Month Aug 03, 2008 1:46AM PST

Actually tied for that at the staff meeting, so I get $45 to spend at that place. Mmmmm, steak. Also, I never knew the old proprietor did away with happy hour for personal gain. Bartenders seemed to be pissed about that. Anyhow, I missed the concert cause I slept in Frown but hey, I still didn't have to work today Cool I just watched the first Hellboy and it's.... ok. The octopi-whatever monster that acts as the story's main evil creature is not as interesting as the movie thinks it is, and it doesn't have a very heavy theme to it a la The Dark Knight. Office Space on the other hand is the epitome of "it's funny cause it's true". If you've held a job, you can relate from the "Is this good for the company?" banner (I remember that from Boston Market ugh) to the "pieces of flair" (I'm currently required to wear 6 pins... ok that's not even remotely hard to do but the flair thing is accurate). My mom watched it later and could definitely relate to having everyone know about one tiny mistake (TPS reports). I'm very glad I got around to watching it. Guitar vids and original stories coming

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