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Three meaningless conversations (Semantics and the Net) Aug 02, 2008 5:40AM PST

that I'd like to end with this blog before my staff meeting today (then concert at 9pm! Woo!)

Actually, I feel I explained a couple of these well enough in comments but for one reason or another (first one's my fault) they just kept coming up.

The Goddam EGM Cover Man!

Cause I actually like Glassadam and can see his point on how walking to a desk with any cover with cartoon breasts could be embarassing I'm going to go ahead and drop it. If you read through all of last blog I mentioned I was trying to get some humorous reactions by beating this dead horse. Instead I got "Christ kid, I just don't like the looks I'd get! Dam, drop it!". Except that I doubt Adam cared enough to exclaim this loudly.

I still think it's conservative by modern standards, but to each his own. My own indifference might come from the fact that as a long-hair who's fond of black clothing, I already get "what an assclown" looks before so much as walking to the magazine rack.  *Hugs, prolapse, do beer pong, sex with She Abo-bi*

Rape: Not mentioned in George Carlin's Dirty Words Skit

This isn't so much an argument as a difference of viewpoints accompanied by conversation (oh wait, that's kind of the same...)  but over on aurion7's page I pondered why whatever the hell Runescape is censored a word begginning with "r" as I had never heard of a curse that begins with that letter.

Is it a kind word? No. Do I think kids should hear it? They probably do, but I don't think it's necessarily appropriate.

But do most media outlets censor it? No. As a matter of fact, the news and Law & Order (entertainment entities largely "derivative" of each other! HA!) seem quite keen on it. And that is why "rape" did not strike me as a swear word when I first saw that r****.

I can understand the case for it to be censored, but as it's usually not I just don't think of it that way.

The word "derivative" is typically seen in negative game reviews. Most of these game reviews are quite derivative of each other and lack originality.

"What you said was derivative is actually quite typical"... Is that not a bit redundant?

Over on crazycanadian 's page I figured I'd point out how odd I felt that sentence was to frazzl. I mentioned that, especially in that context, derivative and typical mean roughly thesame thing.

Key word: roughly. Not synonym, rough translation. In return he mentioned to me that derivative meant "copied/borrowed from another's work/style" etc. which I already knew... and really does not make me think of his redundant sentence any differently.

Thing is, if something a new JRPG does is typical of the JRPGs that went before it, doesn't that make those JRPGs derivative of each other in a way? Yes, yes it does. That's all I was saying.

He mentioned that crazy wrote a good review, and that he did.



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