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Family furball gives Manhunt 2 review Jun 23, 2007 12:29AM PST

As Mr_Bucket pointed out on daffyphack's blog, The Darkness is violent enough as an M-rated title and if Manhunt 2 is worse then I honestly don't care about the AO rating. Only thing that got me on Rockstar's side to begin with was the shit that was Hostel II being 17+ but The Darkness is at least as violent.

And let's look on the bright side: unlike Manhunt 2, The Darkness might actually be a good game.

Now back to reading The Sun Also Rises. Then I have to read the obnoxiously (from what I've glanced at) long Brideshad Revisited.

All enjoyment I may have had reading these (despite that Hemingway's list of cities ain't gonna help me see the location in my mind the short conversations and not even 250 pages have me enjoying it in a mindless kind of way) totally sucked dry by the fact I have to annotate the things.

1: It ruins these brand new books and will irritate me later and drive their prices down (had to but them cause of the annotation part. Have to turn em in)


2: How am I supposed to enjoy myself knowing I'm required to over analyze every damn thing? As far as I've read (up to chapter IX) that's a contradiction to what Hemingway's about anyway. I like it when an author knows his place and isn't obnoxious enough to think he's tiny print on 500+ pages important (which from first glance apparently Waugh does... get an editor jackass)

Feel free to tell me if maybe Brideshead Revisited is actually a good book, I haven't actually read any of it, but y'know I'm a simple kind of guy when it comes to the time-consuming prospect of reading.

EDIT: ok it's not that bad and only 351 pages long but still, small print.

And if you haven't yet, Part 1 of the "Adventure blogs is two behind this.

Have a good Saturday

EDIT2: By the way, who else has seen that tiny sculpture guy? Is it me or is a very well-developed sculpture that fits in a needle's eye just flat out friggin' cool?

EDIT3: A judge has ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that CNN's Nancy Grace pushed the mother of a missing toddler to suicide through aggressive questioning on her show will be tried in federal court. What do you think? Should the media be held responsible?

This was the question The Daily Buzz's (newscast mentioned last blog that defended videogames) Water Cooler segment had on its website.

Now I'm not going to send in my answer because this show ain't on weekends, but here's my two cents:

No matter what the questions were I say that's BS. Unless it's euthanasia, the woman can't be held responsible for the mother's actions.

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