Friday, February 22, 2013

I need a job Jun 22, 2007 5:11AM PST

.......... and I really don't want to go back to serving food to people standing over heat lamps for hours so they can complain about their Dr Pepper being "too bland"(I don't go to your place of business and complain about the yellowness of post-it notes jackass) but unfortunately I may have to because of the fast food industry being the only market with such high turnover rates. Isn't there anything straight A's can get you aside from Chuck E Cheese tokens (which I don't even think is good for pizza which would be the only thing I care about)? Also, on Daily Buzz this morning they said some research center wants to consider games addictive. In true one more reason to love this show fashion the anchors did a good job explaining that it's not the games themselves but a sign that you may have addictive tendencies if you're on your 5th pizza and therefore 24th hour of Halo 2 straight. Then they struck a conversation about the Wii and their younger gaming days. A television newscast not bent on videogame ousting that isn't The Daily Show? It exists only in The Twilight Zone, know to you night owls as a period of time between 5AM-8AM. Then of course it's followed by the hilariously right wing 700 Club. Now not everything Pat Robertson said is a bad idea and I appreciated them showing the town in Iraq that beneffited from the war not because I like this war but I do like to hear all sides of a story (the other side being everywhere on hilariously biased liberal news media like NBC but the also hilariously biased Fox News) but the story they told about the editor of a lesbian magazine set me off a bit. Now her realizing she's straight and finding peace in it is awesome for her and I wish her well, but maybe we should consider that not every gay person is this woman as you so subtly implied with your Pat Robertson editorial (the man prayed as if he were gay saying "Lord I know I'm truly empty inside" [implication being it was caused by his gayness]; it was very akward and frankly a bit nerve racking to see him act as though he understood everything about a homosexual cause of this one former lesbian). Which reminds me I need to find a girl too... but frankly for the time being single life is sweet. Oh and I built a workout regimen around Elite Beat Agents where even though I' ve technically beat the game on all difficulties I do a session of 25 crunches and 5 dumbell lifts each time I fail to recieve a higher score. Excercise ain't just for the Wiipeople any more :P (Adventure Part 1 was posted last blog if you want to check it out, I'll still check the comments until it's off my page) Also I'm gonna see if I can't rent Reno 911 today and tell y'all what I think. TG friggin IF everybody!

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