Friday, February 22, 2013

Movies Recently 08/25/06

Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby- very loud, very dumb, very funny. Imagine the devil is a fightin' chicken and Jesus is a spider monkey who has special powers in baby form and you're half way there. Also, remember kids, don't underestimate live cougars. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead- incredibly dark. guy gets revenge on other guy that raped his brother. It's one of those well done movies that ends up being the last thing you want to see for a good time. Mystic River- need to watch the rest, but so far does a better job on the emotion scale than Sleep When I'm Dead, while still being just as dark. Plus, anything set in Boston is good with me. Yeah, I need some Disney fare quick. Them smart peoples in the Hollywoods be liking depressing stuff. And now Kevin Smith tells me I HAVE to watch Half Nelson. Looks like my R-rated stint ain't over. Thanks jackass but no thanks. I'm going to see if my friends are right about Garden State having the best dialogue ever. Considering they're girls, hopefully this is actually comedy and not too chick-flicky. We'll see

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