Friday, February 22, 2013

Yeah Mar 28, 2007 1:45PM PST

that last blog was just way too long. And trust me I've had longer "adventures"(? why'd you all call it that? lol)... but they've also been more illegal hehe. Can't post those... So anyway more watching crap in English III AP. John Stewart's Daily Show to be exact. Indecision 2004, we watched the speeches from Sharpton, Gore, Clinton etc. Some of it was just too corny or obviously scripted but little moments like "Sharpton talked eloquent circles around other candidates, but alas, he was black" were funny. I was going to read Moby Dick since I already had it, but the teacher had A Clockwerk Orange. Better a 100 some page thing I want to read and all my friends recommend(though one said the movie was actually better but different) about a dark future(I think) than a 500 page whale of a tale about some fisherman's obsession with a whale. Sure, it was my teacher's copy in High School so it doesn't have the Glossary for the book's future lingo(he also told me he'd kill me if anything happened to it) but as long as a "mesto"'s a speakeasy and "droog" means homeboy, I think I'm good. But is "malchick" male or hermaphodite(male/chick)? Then annotate something from The Onion as homework. It was a stupid article about shoe soles though. Har har har? At lunch some girl asked if you saw her walking down the street if you would think she smoked pot(don't ask). Of course we got into telling each other what we'd think if we saw each other walking down the street not knowing each other and I got I would murder someone. WTF? To make sure that was a joke I asked around and nope not a murderer, but I apparently definitely dude look like a pothead(I don't smoke it but I have longer hair. not metal long, just above average) Yeah.... I'm going to have to replace this blog too. Nothing interesting for you guys. glass~ Oh God.... 10 year olds with cellphones. Y'know if you pay attention to those you get a whole drama flick free of charge.... Cassandra's a total bitch, like why did she have to wear the same dress? Raw~ Yeeeeeah. As much as I party I don't think I've ever taken it to bleeding heights. shorap~ Screw smear the queer. Jump Rope the Dope!

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