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My opinion (Edit: On second thought) Jun 18, 2007 6:03AM PST

we could debate this crap forever. I wrote what was here before in a groggy state this morning literally not having slept, and though I don't think my opinions were that skewed by that in a calm mind at 9:54pm I remember how much I hate online arguments. So far none of the comments are anything I'd argue with anyway, but here's Weekend 1: Drinking, Not Games (I know it's a bit long, but help me out here I have to start it off somehow) "Dude he was happy I almost hit him, he was waving his arms going yaaay!" "No, he wasn't he was like 'ahhh shit Addict's going to kill me" Addict and Aussie (fake names to protect the guilty) were debating how one of their friends who had been taking acid and skateboarding reacted to Addict's quick departure from a certain druggie-central parking lot and near accident when said acid boy glided in front of Addict's Jeep. I was on Addict's side: the moron looked pretty happy about his near death experience. As we were talking about this I could only think about how much happier I was to debate the inner workings of a drug addict (don't do drugs kids... watch people who do drugs, trust me it's even more fun)than some family problem. As a matter of fact, I thought about how the night before there was a certain symbolism to how I left a family member to go to this glorious illegal funzone. My brother was told to pick me up when really I just wanted him to drop off my clothes/CDs etc. so I could transport them to Addict's car. Addict's severe ADD and crappy instructions made for a bit of a trip around the school parking lot I was being picked up from (after Addict's basketball game) and an irate older sibling. Driving off in Addict's Jeep was like leaving all the stress and anger of family life behind. When I got to Addict's house, he and Aussie were attempting to finish their so far weeklong project of beating Area 51 on Xbox. I was bored but since Addict had only asked me over to "hang out" and anywhere that wasn't home was heaven, I wasn't irritated. Aussie had remembered that at a local club in Deep Ellum called The Door (a "Christian music club" that attracted scene kids and plenty of ciggarette smoke) was having a going away party for Aussie's former band's lead singer. Aussie felt bad for the kid because for one this singer was tiny, pretty much Dio dwarfish and two, the band was one that Aussie had started then been kicked out of for missing one prcatice. He knew how much the boot sucked (and us giving him huge amounts of crap for getting kicked out of his own band probably didn't help). At first, Addict's parents were reluctant to let us go to Deep Ellum but later Addict would explain that they went to the area all the time but his parents had been drinking (and of course his grandma who mostly sat in front of the TV drank a glass of red wine every day) and were more worried than usual. We finally got to Deep Ellum and saw the show. The band wasn't terrible but they weren't exactly great either. I think they're doing pretty well now but eh. The highlight of the night for me was finding Wim, who had sprung from the club, high as a kite to scream everyone's names and give everybody "friendship hugs". He did indeed smell like marijuana (and yet the headshop guy actually checked if we were 18 after he had already bouught some stuff from another employee's shift) as he had become depressed at the private school we all went to and smoked it plenty at the time. He was definitely cool to hang out with though, and probably one of my best friends. We walked around with Wim for a while and saw what I thought were extremely attractive girls from the public school he would later be reassigned to. That was the funny thing about Will: at that time there were a lot of girls that liked him but he knew nothing about it because according to him "all I do is read books and listen to techno, maybe play WoW all day". The amazing thing was that was completely true yet several girls thought he was "one of those guys so cool he doesn't have to speak"? (the hell couldn't I get some of that action when I was quiet?). Anyway on the road with Wim, Addict and Aussie, we ran into a shady black man in a hoody. Probably thanks to this bums accute sense of marijuana detection he started chasing us with his hand in a pocket of his jacket to make it look like he had a gun. We ran like hell. Normally this would be frightening but you have to understand that to High School Sophomores this was pure entertainment and I was in a state of ecstasy so great I did not notice crossing a street so that a car came within inches before skidding in front of me to avoid collision. "NO! ..! Dude you scared the shit outta me!" I don't know why but Will's concern for my life or death was something that made me feel great even after all the crap I got ("not yet ... NOT YET! Damnit NOT YET!" Addict's voice would raise very quickly no matter where I was on the sidewalk). It was also funny to me that of the people worrying were some bandmates' (not the one we saw) mothers. I loved the irony of these curfew holders with their rock children. Afterwards there was a hangout afterparty at Starbucks. I never saw the lead singer, but the band's jokester and later frontman Joe had managed to pull his pants down far enough to become the life of the party. He yelled at the drummer and a girl I knew from middle school "Are you guys gonna fuck?! Hey everyone, they're gonna fuck!" I'm just going to guess he was likely telling the truth. After this heartwarming smoking, drinking, and fucking (another couple had dry humped in a very expensive SUV) we decided to cool down, relax and go to the notorious druggie hangout mentioned earlier. There we met Steve-O who I literally mistook for an owl. He had been sniffing what I thought was flonase and turned out to be coke. I mistook him for an owl because his pupils actually got that large (he looked tiny but could bench 310 lbs and had been to rehab countless times). Then of course acid boy. We were having fun watching acid boy lead us to a tree to tell us the ever important information that "dude I love this tree it reminds me off Arabian Nights". Addict's cousin Travel who was nicknamed "Bat" (who had left tag/graffiti marks on much of the city and his snake bite piercings, died hair, and metal concert t's gave him that "guaranteed to piss off daddy" look that made him very popular with girls) had shown up in the parking lot with some Taco Bell and a desire to laugh hard at what he knew would happen to these stoned fools. In the background a girl was throwing up and yelling at her recently discovered cheating boyfriend on the cellphone "get away from that slut!" and for no reason some guy wanted to show his alpha makle status by pulling a well planted "No Loitering" sign out of the ground and placing it in front of this girl causing many to laugh. Later on we noticed that outside the parking lot the tiny lead singer was being stopped as if by the police to confront a tall black man in the car behind him. We felt bad for him and almost feared for his life as the short singer got back in the car knowing what was likely to happen if he refused. Soon after we feeared for our lives when this big black man drove into the parking lot and yelled "I'm callin the cops white boys!" and as we climbed into Addict's Jeep we noticed this guy had boxed us in, forcing Addict to drive over the grass to escape the lot and that's when I saw acid boy flailing his arms in all his skateboarding bliss. "We told my parents we went to the movies" remembered Addict. "Let's tell them we went to King Kong". Bigass monkey jokes soon followed and we practically forgot what just happened. While Aussie and I had mangaged to dampen the club's stamps and say "at least we tried" a mother that really didn't care any more laughed at THE DOOR being very visible on Addict's wrist. I slept in a bed with Adict (ooooh gay!) while Aussie was on the couch and we debated whether girls who smoked were attractive. I was with Adict: disgusting, but Aussie had come up with the gentlemanly like remark that "smoking pussy is still pussy". Before we finally got some damn sleep, Adict repeatedly told me of acid boy and Steve-O "you know what's fucked up about that? They're going to be hating their lives in an hour" Sunday: In the morning we went over to one of Adict's friends from school's house to get everyone for a game of tag football we'd end up playing every Sunday. And the debate was starting with me and Adict saying acid boy was happy and Aussie saying he was afraid. Then we told them about how a tall black guy had boxed us in. One of the people in this house immediately knew who it was and started laughing "O my God I know that kid! He was just screwing with you for fun. He wasn't going to call the cops and he's like the nicest kid haha" I forgot the name but Adict and Aussie also knew who it was and started laughing and constantly uttering the words "holy shit!" As it turns out this tall black guy had been a very good basketball player before sustaining a leg injury that all of these people knew as a very good friend. We finally arrived at the football field and I met about 3 people who I'll flesh out in the next few blogs since this is long already. Monday: Adict informed me that acid boy had managed to, after we left him, get naked proclaim to be God and jump off a bridge according to some people. His parents were thinking of suing whoever gave him the acid found in traces of his blood when he went to the hospital for various bodily injuries. "You know you've had a good weekend when someone almost dies" laughed my friend Gary as I told him this. Questions: 1. How's my writing? 2. Would this be good source material for a fullout book if I had enough of these stories/would you read it? 3. Is this crazier or less crazy than any of your weekends?

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