Friday, February 22, 2013

Intriguing Feb 11, 2008 1:36PM PST

is probably misspelled.

On another note, crazed bible thumper freshco11 has added a new chapter in his entertaining (or incredibly troubling) blogging blasphemy.

He is now claiming to be homeless despite regularly updating his blog and responding to user comments. So like anyone else, I once again just assumed it was a 15 year old that likes to screw with people and went on my way.

But then two relatively new accounts, sunsun and lizadella show up claiming to have family relations to freshco and a re:message from sunsun after I asked about freshco's current state informed me that frescho's homeless habits have spanned twenty years and he always comes back home.

So now I'm not sure if Freshco's just gotten really good at creating an online fantasy storyline (the relative newness of those two accounts is somewhat suspect ti me) or he really is a troubled individual who seriously needs those condescending prayers he's always giving me.

It's a pretty crucial difference between 15 year old boy who posts bible messages to fuel his hateful views on gays and needs a spanking and 20 something year old drifter with sever need of medical attention.

I wish it weren't so oddly interesting to find out whether this guy is for real especially when he's on a tangent about RFID chips representing the number of the beast

Edit: Damn, why do you always decide to finally comment when I find teh awesomez.

Scientology gets Rick Roll'd:

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