Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Week = Worst Week Feb 25, 2010 9:20PM PST

Sunday: Confidential situation involving theft and suicidal tendencies. For several reasons including who it was that both stole and attempted suicide, everyone gets stressed. Monday: Nothing too bad, just tons of work due for my Technical Writing class. 6 document Job Portfolio is hefty. Tuesday: Best day, or must have been cause I don't remember much happening Wednesday: Discover there is a virus on my computer and have Digital Photography assignment due. Thursday: Confidential situation involving possession of a firearm. Again, made extra lame by people involved. Before this happened, I was locked in my own bathroom for 2 hours, having to call an emergency maintenance personell to get me out and replace door handle. After getting out of my bathroom realize the Antivirus software I dl'd with a debit card (BitDefender 2010) won't open.... because it's infected... with a virus. I had to get my friend some food from the cafeteria. He is a vegetarian. There was ham in the spinach. We both were having a terrible week. Friday: Snowed in, which was totally fun, until I realized it also meant an event I was planning had to be redone because everywhere was closed. Still not the worst day in the week, so not too bad. Currently still don't have good antivirus; I installed the thing yet my C Drive is down to 0 MB of memory and the way this thing fluctuates I know that number almost has to be caused by a virus. Anyone have BitDefender who can help? I just completed a review for regarding the God of War III EP Roadrunner Records is releasing, feel free to check it out. Luckily, my days have been picking up, though I did have and still have plenty of work to get done today as all the monthly paperwork for my job was due today, and I still have photos to take and an abstract due for my Radio/TV class which I slacked on to write that EP review. As far as last week's projects go, I got a B for my Job Portfolio and a C for my Digital Photography since I used flash (not allowed). Both can be resubmitted though, so hopefully I'll turn those into As. You guys ever had one terrible experience after another? Tell us about it in the comments Peace - GfP

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