Friday, February 22, 2013

Life is Good. Which is Bad. Oct 18, 2006 1:58PM PST

My life is really good right now because there's well, really no problems. Yankees lost, I eat healthily, get excercise from time to time, school is not much of a problem, I have plenty of good friends, and I'm not in a state of hell brought about by rejection. What this also means is that there's no struggle. No friction. No rising or falling or climax. (I just thought about it and ALL of this paragraph sounds dirty. Geez, I'm even talking this way SUBconsciously lol.) Just... everything's pretty much ok.... pretty much every day. Pretty much I need excitement. The problem with this is that only potentially harmful things seem to remedy severe boredom. Basically, we see horror flicks because we need a jolt. It's not necesarily the best feeling in the world, but your too numb for comedy to be funny. And for life to seem interesting, you just might need to turn it into a horror flick, putting yourself in danger so at least you can feel some excitement. Has anyone ellse ever felt like their life was just TOO dull and would do anything to fix it? Or am I just going insane. It's a possibility.

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