Friday, February 22, 2013

Molly Shannon is soo sexy May 12, 2007 9:36PM PST

SNL tonight is hilarious. But maybe it's because I just love the 90s. Which got me thinking, on the 90s SNL special just recently one of the writers mentioned how everyone thinks theior generations gtroup of SANL cast members were the best and that's the way it alwats is. I think that goes for EVERYTHING. So maybe before you judge anyone else's generation you should realize how crappy yours was. I admit that while hair metal needed to go and I do like Nirvana, the grunge movement brought way too much talentless depression to music and made me happy for the talentless overexuberance of pop-punk bands, which were also an oversaturation of simplistic music. Also, my generation cares more about entertainment than integrity when it comes to media.... because it's media and the whole integrity in media thing is pure bullshit anyway. Whatever. At least our rappers didn't wear glittery trash bags, nor did our "manly" rock singers look like castrated choir boys who had sex with long blonde-haired nuns. So, what do you want to admit about your generation/add an insult to the one(s) that preceded it?

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