Friday, February 22, 2013

News by the title May 18, 2007 3:07PM PST

And my guesses to what they're about(as seen on PeoplePc's front page, link n longer works) "Scientists try again to lure whales" My guess: Scientists have finally become desperate enough to accept sperm and eggs from John Goodman's unborn children. "Michael Jackson drops court bid to": My guess: To focus on Liza Manelli.... and the fresh young alien boy given to her by her ex-husband: a member of Nargon 5. The Backdoor Planet. "Scientists fail to lure whales to ocean" My guess: Being that this is LITERALLY two stories down from the main whale article on the actual PeoplePC front page, I honestly don't know what to think...... except that apparently even John Goodman's sperm has higher standards than Moby Dick's offspring. "13 Die in explosion, clashes in India" My guess: It won't be funny....... "U.S. Forces kill 6 insurgents in Iraq" My guess: as it turns out in the context of the Quran, insurgents is a word that means "giant mosquitos", the earth revolves around the moon and the universe was created by Silver Surfer's glory stream. It will later be found in an ancient text that this is the basis for all religion, leaving whale scients even more pissed off about how much sex televangelists get to have(through hookers) Blog that was here before edit: So I get an 80 and my friend gets an 88 on an Art quiz. I drew all 6 required shapes/shaded them, and he draws 2 shapes and 2 MOTHR*&^*)(#@!% cartoon penguins! (And no Samantha, no they were not well drawn penguins and even if they were that's not the point!) She said it was his shading to make the shape or whatever and I outlined too much which is fine, IF she hasn't had the sub that day(she was gone to get her Art Masters degree from..... Columbia something?) specifically say that we should draw all 6 shapes. Whatever she had written for him(the sub) to see, it really made a point of that. So I get 80 for following requirements, trying my best, and making a bit of a mistake while he draws 1/3 of what he should and cartoon penguins and gets near an A(90)? So I want to bring the parents to dispute this and the friend has agreed to bring his drawing next Monday cause while he thinks it's funny(which I do agree but still) he also knows it's BS. Problem: I want my grade to be higher, but it is my friend so I don't want his grade to be lower? So, bring the parents in or drop it(which I would if it weren't a quiz grade which accounts for more.... and I need to fix that last homework I didn't do)? Nope, not meant to be entertaining at all. That's seriously all that happened today that I could blog about to replace the old one(lines were getting annoying.... sorry but it's true). And then sex talk in Biology. Basically a boring recap of 8th grade and *surprise* girls were giggly, guys didn't care(once again: recap). you can only get pregnant 2 days out of a month. I already knew that. Problem is that's when a female's interested. Eh. And that was my day.... now on to pizza and thinking about this is not what I had in mind when I thought of high school. me a real grim outlook on life at the moment. Ten Commandments Blog Yeah I'm including that from now on just because it makes me feel good about myself. At least on occassion my bitterness makes people think I'm funny.

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