Friday, February 22, 2013

Obligatory Launch Blog Nov 18, 2006 10:23AM PST

We all knew it was coming. PS3: For those of you buying a $1000-$3000 PS3 on eBay, remember that you're part of the problem. After all, no one would be gouging if they didn't know suckers like you were willing to bend over and take it. That's like a hooker complaining about all the wierd men she meets. As for those of you in line to get one: more power to you. Though I don't understand your nonsensical nerddom either, at least your smart enough to grab yourself a retail price PS3. unless of course your shooting at those ahead of you in line. Nerd America, you look violently retarded right now. Wii: While the obvious reason for the news only looking at the Wii's release as an afterthought is it not being out yet, you gotta wonder if it'll be as hectic. eBay prices likely won't be as ridiculous since non-Nerd Hookers should have adequate supply in-store and the console's cheap anyway. Ultimately though if the news reports WHY the PS3 sells out before Wii(supply) it could end up being good publicity for Nintendo. Can't find a PS3 that wouldn't empty the college fund? By junior a Wii instead. On the bad publicity side of things however, Wiinjuries are very possible(as are lawsuits put forth by butterfingers) Now let's randomly incorporate EGM into this hubbub shall we? I must say I like the new redesign, basically the blue/white used before tha last redesign with a couple nice touches like extra trivial info being readable on the edges of pages rather than the squint-inducing text tickers in previous EGMs. Oh and in the Rumor Mill they discuss a possible MGS4 port to 360. That would be a HUGE blow to PS3 if it came out around the same time. Finally, PS3 vs Wii: Did EGM get it right? Hardware: PS3 wins in EGM due to.... basically NOT being a Gamecube. They nailed this one Controller: Wii wins in EGM basically due to how much they liked DS(well kind of). I'd say it wins because the only thing you can do with Sixaxis is tilt to move(which sounds annoying and Wii is capable of it anyway) while Wii can do more advanced things like be an all-in-one arcade machine(light gun, fishing, arrow shooting etc) plus it has rumble. Anyways EGM was right again. Online: EGM defaults this to PS3 because Wii won't have online games in 06. But since PS3 basically has one online game worth playing(Resistance) and EGM points out developers having problems with bringing games online anway, I'd say it's a tie. Outside of games, the services provide plenty of the same and you can't beat either price(both free). Bonus Points: PS3 wins in EGM but I'm choosing Wii because of one major issue. EGM claims PS3 will be b/c with PS and PS2 titles but plenty of unhappy PS3 owners have reported freezing or just plain not working of those past-gen games. That and Blu-Ray movies don't appeal to me, while Wii Channels sounds kind of intriguing(kind of). Anyway since I'm more confident in Wii's backwards compatibility with Gamecube games I choose Wii here. Downloads: While I'm all for PS3's attempt at emulating XBL Arcade with original tiles(it'll also have Genesis and MX games) you just can't beat Nintendo's back catalogue especially when coupled with classic Sega titles. Expect 30 games at launch and ten new each month for Wii's Virtual Console. EGM and I agree that Wii wins this round. Now EGM had plenty more but instead of going genre by genre let's compare only what you actually care about, killer apps: Launchageddon titles, Resistance vs Zelda: While Resistance may be the original game as opposed tro Nintendo's long-running series, Zelda ironically delivers more new. You can find new ways to shoot aliens online and look at pretty graphics doing it with Gears of War already, plus a 360 will run you less than PS3. Zelda on the other hand let's you actually swing a freakin' sword and not have real life consequences! That alone puts Zelda above the competition for me. 2007: Looks more promising for PS3 owners with Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ninja Gaiden, Ratchet and Clank, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5, and Warhawk all coming next year. Now compare that with Animal Crossing, Big Brain Academy, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Metroid Prime 3, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Resident Evil, Super Smash Bros., and Warioware for Wii and the kiddy/non-gamey aspects of the lineup offset some of the more ultra cool stuff like Prime 3 and Disaster.

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