Friday, February 22, 2013

Questions Nov 20, 2006 9:58PM PST

because blogger's block cares what you think EDIT: I've gotten bored and decided to answer myself as well. 1. Do you have a PS3, Wii or 360 and are you satisfied? Why? No on all 3 but my plan to resist Wii for a year has melted thanks to good feedback. Well at least my plan to not really want it since Zelda's on GC, but it looks like I'll be envying sooner than expected. 2. Do you believe the shootings/robberies that went on with the PS3 launch depict gamers negatively? Should we explain to these newscasters that most people in these lines had no interest in keeping the console? I think they do, but Black Friday will remind us that EVERYONE is an idiot. And I do believe most of the shootings were caused by salesmen seeing as $3000 just seems more shot-worthy than a buggy game system 3. How do you think the Wii launch was different from PS3 regarding news coverage, its depiction of gamers, and how do you think the launches have affected either company's public image? Wii go a lot less coverage by the media, but gamers seem to be loving it. Now where the hell are the PS3 blogs? 4. Would you have watched the OJ special if it aired and why? I have to admit I probably would, but more to watch that jackass end up confessing and have more proof he did it(of course we shouldn't need any) 5. Do you agree with Fox's decision not to air the piece? In the end yes, it is pretty tasteless when you take into consideration the families involved 6. Which will come first: Guns n' Roses' Chinese Democracy, or China's Chinese Democracy? Actually I do think GnR'll hit first, but that doesn't make me care much 7. What is the most embarrassing thing you enjoy doing? Listening to certain pop-punk suck as NFG and really enjoying it 8. What is your religion and why? Agnostic. I'm still being raised Catholic but the Bible's too inconsistent and I believe in a higher power but not the schitzo(sp?) angry then happy God in the Bible. 9. Favorite type of music and why? Metal. The amazing musicianship behind it/intelligent lyrics(for certain bands like trivium anyway) and it got me into all forms of music(more specifically "Fade to Black" did) 10. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Old middle school friend's family is going to stay at their house. We're going over. Then people are coming here for dessert.

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