Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok. Apr 02, 2007 1:29PM PST

so I'm still doing that whole drama movies part of the Genres are For Posers series, hence biding time with longass Clockwork Orange poem/song I just got so caught up in the book I couldn't really concentrate on much else, plus the computer at home isn't freed up too often on weekends. UPDATE: At first I decided to leave my knowledge of this out but before I get 20 comments on how America got shafted for some years with the 21st chapter of CWO cut out(and Kuick's film which I just watched deals with the 20 chapter version) I know all about that. My opinion: daffyphack was right and the movie/American novel circa the 70s negates the point of the book. If you look at the link I've given it's obvious the words relate to the 21 chapter version And no offense at all is meant phantmimes but you know how people don't read comments sometimes/ it was a good thought for if I was unaware of it :) In gaming related news, BigMex might be happy to find out a new installment of Nights is coming, Starfox 64 the first game that was technically mine comes out for Virtual Console and the further away I get from having a Wii the more reasons to own one. Well actually Starfox 64 isn't a big deal cause I can play it anytime, but the SNES version(the one that was actually pretty hard) would be cool to play again. Responses: shorap~ Is the old man F. Alexander? glassadam~ It's a made up language called nadsat from the book. Yarbles= nuts, britva= knife, devotchka= girl, charlie= prison warden etc. vhayste~ yes elie~ I forgot what your comment was..... lol

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