Friday, February 22, 2013

Online websites Mar 01, 2007 7:48PM PST

Rated by Pros, Cons, and Douchebag quotient Myspace~ Pros: ease of use ability to send bulletins to all friends at once(would really make blog promotions on 1up a lot less of a hassle) for me it's just a way too keep in touch with friends I don't feel like calling(cause they're not that special, I just like the conversation) Underground bands can promote their music to a larger audience Cons: If I can find a way to get my AIM acct. back up, consider it useless Underground bands can promote their music to a larger audience(think about it) Douchebag Quotient: Bands that won't shut up People who basically put their damn diaries in bulletin posts. Message the friend who gives a damn and stop getting in the way of surveys, I'm bored and need something to do. ultimate guitar~ Pros: News stories are usually interesting Huge tablature(guitar music) archive in no danger of shutting down any time soon thanks to being run out of Communist Russia. Communist Russia: giving Americans the freedom to learn music. Cons: black background on website makes you feel like a loner just looking at its gloominess A few incomplete or confusingly written tabs Douchebag Quotient: dangerously high, but what else do you expect from the majority of teenage male musicians?(I'm on minority by the way :) youtube~ Pros: When I have access to broadband, it's basically like free cable television and I cjoose what comes on and when Makes finding a wide variety of music MUCH easier, especially when the radio plays Nickelback parts I-IV(Puddle of Mud, Seether, and Hinder being II-III, and if any of those bands came before Nickelback.... no one cares) Cons: Some low quality videos, especially live shows Digging through 1,000 videos of Naruto set to x type of music to find actual video of x type of music Douchebag Quotient: High, but at least some of the arguments can be incidentally informative(I had no idea Misfits changed singers so many times) Photobucket~ Pros: Plenty of pictures easy to embed into blogs Cons: Sometimes hard to find the right pictures Douchebag Quotient: Not applicable, thank God 1up~ Pros: Best people of any of the sites Having people comment your ideas is cool Ability to talk about pretty much anything Videogame talk without getting called a nerd by some douche eating cheezits and airing out his boxer shorts while watching gay porno set to Rocky theme music Cons: Salooooooow sometimes Points system needs to acknowledge that I write a CRAPload of blogs, more than my page views Douchebag Quotient: Mostly just fanboys, but let's face it: they're fun to screw with anyway. Other than that, relatively low compared to most other sites Edit: Go help bluesteelruns with his drive to 50 My internet is incredibly slow right now so expect comments back later.

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