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Portrait of Ruin help Jul 15, 2008 8:16AM PST

So somehow I managed to get to the same spot I was in on my second account having played it for far fewer days (months even... though 1 more hour as it turns out. Yeah, the one I was playing on for months I played about 9 hours 42 mins, the newer one about 10 hours. Wierd) than my first attempt to beat the game.

Actually this isn't my second account as out of boredom I had restarted like 5 times so that when I lent my brother the game for a few his profile was called "Again!?"

Anyway, I recently acquired the Vampire Killer in both (turns out when you come prepared, the Belmont you fight to obtain it goes down like a lil' bitch... like all bosses in this thing before Drac really) but can only get to where Dracula turns into a winged demon then his circular blades kill me within 2 seconds. Strategies anyone?

New blog with tons of movie reviews and areview of this game once finished coming, but right now I'm preoccupied with Drac.

On a side note, if you live in the Dallas area and are free on August 9th, when I will be attending Ozzfest, why not attend a concert with some real cool people as guests.

My friends in local band Fall Hero Fall (of whom I know all but the drummer) are going to be doing a show at 5pm that day More info at Here's the bulletin.

Here's a video of my favorite song of theirs:


And surprisingly no, I'm not doing this cause he asked, seems gay right? Well, I'm posting this cause I actually think they're pretty good (way better than other school/friend-bred bands I've had to see I'll tell you that much) and I'd like you to tell me what you think.

And of course, my horrible guitar-only more-ideas-than-songs are up at  (by the way, none of it's metal so don't fret, it's actually softer stuff I wrote as a beginner) and the dude I'm driving to Ozzfest sings in his band Brazos Thunder (which he really shouldn't but I've not got the heart to tell him, guitars work though).

Anyway,movie reviews/Castlevania impressions up soon

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