Friday, February 22, 2013

Random thoughts Dec 09, 2006 6:40PM PST

-Now, only people listed as organ donors can recieve organs. It's obvious why people criticize it and it can seem unfair, but personally I think it's a good way of making sure hospitals are more able to give dying people some necessities. - I have an "Article Bank" project(over handed out papers) due for English III AP on 12/15. I have a "PODCAST" project(over Branded) due for English III AP on 12/20. I got a 98/100 on my "Documentary Analysis" project(over Murderball) for English III AP on 12/1. I need to do corrections for my Documentary Analysis questions and turn them in on 12/11 for English III AP. - I play The Twilight Zone on guitar like this: e-1-2-1-------2-3-2------3-4-3-------------------------------- B-------2(x4)------3(x4)------4(x4)---------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------ D----------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- etc. etc.(just go down the fretboard till you reach the 11 + 12 config., perfect for making wierd situatons comedic) - I actually laughed pretty hard at Fun With Dick and Jane despite criticism(yeah the stealing is wrong/they should go for much bigger fish but it was a 5 minute clip at most). Click had some good lines(even Montel Williams thinks your insane, and he's seen some shit) but too much of it was stupid/raunchy. Worth a rental for them both I guess. - I'm a lot more experimental w/movies with this 4 week free trial. suggestions? - I like Ride the Lightning better than Master of Puppets(albums not songs), and Load was way better than Reload. As a matter of fact "Low Man's Lyric" is by far the worst song Metallica's ever written. St. Anger was an abomination from a musical standpoint but it works quite well as therapy when I'm angry(calms me down). I guess that therapy thing means art imitates life eh. - Wii is getting people talking. By people I mean those who hang out in the Senior Lounge who would never touch vidyagames loving Wii Sports Boxing. Nintendo has(most likely) done it again. Meanwhile my dad tells me this morning that Wii is outselling PS3. I told him that this is just the news misinterpreting that PS3 CANT outsell Wii due to fewer units shipped but y'know what? It's about time Sony paid for Sony's overpromising(though I'm STILL baffled on their anti-profit thing with PS3) - A really nerdy kid at our school(like doesn't have glasses or pocket protector but nervousness/paleness=sterotypical nerd) is asking a boy he saw get hugged how to get girls. My advice would be: NEVER, EVER Ask that question. Chicks dig the self confidence. - Finally finished my own song "Sniff Hymnal" for nonexistent band(just me on guitar but eh) The Color Violence. I can play it easily but every time I try to tab it I think "other people will think this is a monster, and it's NOT". It consists of 6 riffs, 4 in the acoustic first half, 2 in the electric outro. I swear this is in no way a comparison except in structure but it's almost like my fade to black.... once i write a kickass solo >_< - I jammed with a Sophomore on "Raining Blood" intro. Sounds way better w.2 guitars - I'm obsessed w/music in case you haven't noticed - My guitar doesn't have a brand name on it - Piano is fun now for some reason, even though I don't know wat the hell I'm doing on it - Ok, I'll stop w/ the music thing now - Sometimes I think of my friends as an audience. Would they leave if I didn't entertain? - I need a significant other but it's hard to sort out someone who loves me from someone who loves maybe just one aspect of me - My black cat gets scared for no reason sometimes. Makes me think he's possesed by something/starts to scare the crap outta me. He's cool though. Like he's totally open to everyone and really likes to move. Total opposite of sterotypical cat - Anyone think with that Kramer dude he's actually feeling guilty. I dunno it seems like his dad may have ingrained those thoughts in him and he's learning to cope with a society that contradicts what his dad taught him. it's not an excuse but I think that may be what happens some times. - Our school is the most diverse place I've ever seen and there is almost no social classes unless your REALLY think about it(and those social classes talk to each other anyway). To me, that's what America was always supposed to be. - I'm not against immigration, I'm against illegal immigration. In other words, yes most are coming here for job oppurtunities but us not cracking down has equaled what researchers estimate 12 murders a day by illegal immigrants(Dallas Morning News). 1 is enough. I support any immigrant here for oppurtunities but in reality some are criminals. No one let's people they don't know into their house, countries are no different. I don't think immigrating legally should be as hard as it is, but there should be a good thorough process of seperating criminals from oppurtunists, and yes criminals should be deported. This is a crime issue, not a race issue for me. - I hang out with Mexicans, Asians, and black people that act white. I feel no guilt over relating to someone similiar to my personality type rather than ridiculous sterotype personality "color", get over it. - I don't respect soldiers for war, I respect them for their believing in something so strongly they are willing to die for it/unselfishness. I am anti-war because you can be all of that without carrying any kind of of weapon and bring about change(re: MLK). I used to think war was the answer to everything, but the only way to continue peace is to start it imo. - I have two ideas for a movie: 1) Purgatory: the more romantic one, with main character Angel 003. Makes the argument heaven, hell, and purgatory are all emotional states inside. 2) Revolution is My Name: (title based on Pantera song), thinking of following a rockstar who brings about major social change with music/ political involvement. - Too busy for Metallica vs Megadeth(cuz it involves listening and blogging) but might get around to unclearly classics. - I am so tired right now - Better get busy. See you when the holiday madness ends

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