Friday, February 22, 2013

What the?..... My bad Jan 21, 2007 1:43PM PST

Ok, last blog's cat picture was soon replaced with a message saying: I AM STEALING FROM RUDD-O.COM, I AM A THEIF See what happened is I found the image about a gazillion other places, including photobucket, but being a photobucket noob I just couldn't get the photobucket image onto my page. So instead I just decided to copy a URL of the pic I had found on google and I guess is pissed about it. The blog with said pic in it has been removed. I'm kind of surprised they care so much seeing as one google search finds you about a million different websites having the "Ceiling Cat is Watching you Masturbate" image but whatever. So, just so I don't get called a theif of borrowers(wasn't their image originally, but I guess they cited where they got it) again, how do I use photobucket? lol. Missed oppurtunity: The other cat image originally in the blog below the ceiling cat image was "Curse You Villain"(which is the one I actually tried to upload from photobucket but didn't show)would have been so perfect. Well, my apologies to and new blog coming soon I guess.

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