Friday, February 22, 2013

Yay! Jul 12, 2007 10:20PM PST

Craig Ferguson will not have that annoying break inbetween his monologue any more. In all honesty it wasn't that annoying but it's kinda cool to mention something in a blog then have a foreigner tell you that for reasons that likely had nothing to do with you, a show that airs when you should probably be asleep and are only half watching while you're on the internet looking up songs to learn will not have its first portion slightly disrupted. I feel like an American now... and I have no idea why because it had nothing to do with my "vote" (bitchy blog). Speaking of American democracy my parents have a job right now soliciting voters to make a county surrounded by wet areas well, wet. "Keep your tax dollars in unnamed city" reads their suspiciously edited sign. The police dept., fire dept., restauarant chains, musicians, and of course drunkards want to get the 8,000 signatures needed to pass this bill so it can later be voted on. Why would this be funny? Because someone mooned one of these workers (not my parents) in protest. Thing is, while almost every business wants their community to be wet, the area is also somewhat considerably populated by Southern Baptists who don't like drinking. Now just being Southern Baptist is not an automatic sign of your hatred for drinking. Matter of fact many that don't drink have signed it purely because they get the economic logic. There have also been those who do drink and I say the ones that simply don't sign because they don't like alcohol are fine with me: it's not like it has no consequences at all. The problem I have is protesting something that you can simply vote against later. My family definitely needs the money, and it's $1.75 a signature so don't sign if you don't agree (plenty of reasonable people don't want it which is fine) but don't hassle people for something you can vote against later. And no, no there is not a petition against it because there is no purpose of having a petition for something you already excercise (dryness). Funniest part: one of the Baptist churches (not in this city but still it's sorta related) runs most of the alcohol sales yet preaches against alcoholism. I find that amusingly ironic, don't you? :P Note: Like I said simply being Baptist or against a wet community says nothing to me about the person you are other than you might not drink. It's simply irritating when you protest the right to vote By the way I've been asked to look up voter registration numbers coupla times, apparently lots of people who should be on that list aren't. SCANDAL! Anyway, as it turns out the games Cody mentioned to me for Crap Review will not be released for a while... well Horsez 1 (yes there's a sequel) was but I was apprehensive when this site gave it a 9.6? WTF? So anyway, the only videogames I've played this entire summer are Mario Kart GBA and Elite Beat Agents. Yeeeeeeaaaaah. So next blog do you want 1) me to give you part 3 of my adventure blogs 2) me to attempt a comic in MS Paint? 3) John Stossel on why Global Warming is real (only because the Earth has warmed .006 celcius.... as a reference point several planets with no humans occupying them have warmed at least 1 degree including I believe Mars & Jupiter) but if we were the ones to blame we'd have been dead circa the 1950s? 4) something media related in any form or 5) a crazy mixture of it all (and of course everyone will disregard my one-handed typing at 30 WPM and choose this one... crap) Edit: My music is now up at I dunno why Tom made the link I had go to Hot Gift Zone. Just doing whatever ya can for a buck huh?

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